About the owner

Victor Coates is a noted Arkansas-based photographer with more than 25 years of experience, ranging from journalism and sports, to wedding and fashion photography. He heads this photography house with his gifts, vision, and heart. He loves to tell the story!


About the team

The photo team is a couple that works lovingly to capture the moments that tell peoples’ stories whether doing so as destination photographers or as professionals in their home state. They are a family-based team devoted to getting the shots that matter!


Their shooting styles

Victor is a noted professional. He brings his technical experience, skill, composition and finesse for large groups, sports drive, love for photography, and knowledge of equipment and pre & post production to every shoot.

Cherie is an artist driven to capture the true emotion of every shot. Her gift of creativity and eye for the often-overlooked aid this team in capturing moments that inspire and move their clients.

Their younger team members bring a fresh, youthful approach that keeps the photography thriving and on par for the future!

•Arkansas Award Winning Photographer

•CPI Certified Portrait Photographer (Member since 1998)

•Experience in the fields of theatre, modeling and pageantry

•Sports & Teams

•Studio Photographer


•Respect for the art

•Joy for the Art of Photography

•Love for People 


We are committed to "Capturing Your Winning Smile"
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